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Aquascape Pond Pump Repair! Omaha Nebraska and the USA

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A few years ago, when these Aquascape pumps started to show up in local ponds (and supsequently in my shop for repair) I thought to myself now this is how pond pumps should be put together. From a repair standpoint, these units come apart very easy and are reassembled with the same ease. The only issue, at the time, was ordering parts.

In my first experience, I called Aquascape after tearing one of these units down to acquire a seal kit. Normally companies offer seals and bearings as a service kit so you're not forced to by a new pump every time the seals or the bearings go out. Unfortunately Aquascape did not sell any service kits or seal kits for their pumps. 

I contemplated about how to go about repairing my customers pump. He liked the flow and design of the pump and these units had a high price tag. Inside I noticed that the bearings were common, nothing special. Now the seal was a different story. It was metric. I called US Seal, whom we are a distributor for, and they told me that there was no replacement seal they could offer. My next step was to see if I could retro-fit a standard seal in place of the metric seal Aquascape used. No luck. Nothing came close. At this point, I had to make a painful call to the customer to inform him that his 700$ pond pump was not repairable because the factory will not sell me any parts for his unit.

Fast forward to 2014-

Finally a metric seal comparable to Aquascape's seal is now available through US Seal. November 15, 2014 marks the day that I was finally able to repair one these units. I am still please with the design and flow of these pumps. Now the ability to service Aquascape pumps makes purchasing these a better economical decision. If you have any inquiries in Omaha, Nebraska or around the country about repairing your Aquascape Pond Pump, please call 402-341-1414!  

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